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Please see below for news about existing information standards or proposals in the pipeline.

Information Standards


Implementation in Primary Care: Update

NHS Digital has provided an update on the implementation of SNOMED CT in primary care, noting that implementation will now happen on a phased basis from April 2018 rather than by that date.

The update focuses on why SNOMED CT deployment is happening in a phased approach, and what will happen in the phases.

Find out more about the phased approach on Delen, NHS Digital’s specialist collaboration and information sharing platform for national terminology and classifications standards.

SNOMED International update regarding the LOINC vocabulary standard

From the SNOMED International Business Meeting, 19-20 October 2017, Bratislava.

In October 2017, SNOMED International ratified the UK requirement for developing content in specific areas of pathology and laboratory medicine and ratified the application of clause 5.2 of the IHTSDO-Regenstrief collaboration agreement (2013).  This position, for the first time, enables the use of SNOMED CT in the UK in all areas of pathology, including laboratory sciences and other diagnostics. If you have any queries about this, please contact NHS Digital at information.standards@nhs.net   

SCCI1609 Child Protection - Information Sharing

Sharing the benefits of the standard

NHS Digital is gathering evidence about how patients and staff have benefited from the introduction and use of the Child Protection - Information Sharing standard and want to hear from implementers of the standard. 

Find out more about the benefits project and how to provide your feedback in issue 3 of the
Child Protection - Information Sharing project newsletter.

The following consultations are being undertaken as part of the process to obtain approval from the Data Coordination Board (DCB) and subsequent publication as an information standard under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The documents which support this consultation have not yet been reviewed nor endorsed by the DCB.

Overseas Visitor Charging Category: proposal for an information standard

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has asked NHS Digital to ensure that the concept of “Overseas Visitor Charging Category”, with its defined set of categories, is built into the Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) and the Summary Care Record application (SCRa). This will enable Overseas Visitor Managers in Trusts to efficiently process, record and submit information related to the chargeable status of overseas visitors.

As part of this work, NHS Digital is developing the concept of Overseas Visitor Charging Category (OVCC) into an information standard. This consultation invites comments on the draft Implementation Guidance and Requirements Specification developed by NHS Digital as part of its application for the approval of this information standard.

Closing date: 18 February 2018


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National Contract Reporting Specifications

A new information standard is being proposed by NHS England to standardise and enhance the data used to support aggregate contract monitoring. As part of this development, a consultation has been launched to obtain user feedback on the proposals. Please note the extended closing date.

Closing date: 9 February 2018

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User research - request from NHS Digital

Do you submit data to NHS Digital? We need your help 

NHS Digital is currently working on a project to make it easier for data collectors to find out the information they need and to submit data to NHS Digital.

Would you be interested in helping the web team at NHS Digital, by taking part in an interview or a test of a new prototype for the website?

This should take no more than an hour. Apart from your name and role, this work will not require any personal information to be divulged. The interview will be used to find out what tasks you need to do and what problems you have when submitting your data.

If you are interested in supporting this work, please contact our User Researcher, Mark Newman (mark.newman3@nhs.net).

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