November news and opportunities for industry
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November 2017
News and opportunities for suppliers and partners
Feedback on the Supplier Information Exchange
We’ve developed an Alpha prototype of a new online suppliers’ service and we're asking for your feedback on it. The Supplier Information Exchange (SIE) is designed to provide new ways for suppliers to access and consume NHS Digital services. It includes an online path-to-live process for Spine Mini Service connection to the Patient Demographics Service. It also provides information about NHS Digital and opportunities to engage with the organisation.
We'd like to thank those suppliers who have helped input and shape the Alpha development. We're now planning a Beta version that should be released next year. 

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Security Operations Centre procurement
Procurement has now started for our Security Operations Centre to expand our current service offering. The first stage of this procurement is the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) which is now available via Delta eSourcing. The deadline for submission of the SQ is 5pm Wednesday 20 December 2017. If you have any problems accessing the Delta eSourcing platform, please contact us 

We're looking forward to engaging with all potential suppliers throughout this procurement process.

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Transforming child health services
The launch of a new set of information standards mean that everyone involved in a child’s care will have access in the future to standard paperless, digital child health records. Launched by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) the new standards set out what information should be securely shared for children’s treatment, care and wellbeing. The standards will save time for professionals and parents by providing information to make the right decisions for safer care. We're working in partnership with NHS England to ensure the goals of the Healthy Child Programme are delivered through supporting new digital capabilities. 
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Help us protect children
We’re asking for your help in protecting vulnerable children and young people. The Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS) project links health and social care IT systems so that information can be shared securely. CP-IS allows social care professionals to see when a child at risk is taken into an emergency or other unscheduled health care setting. It also alerts the health team that the child is on a plan and provides their social worker’s details. Several system suppliers have already developed integrated solutions that enable this information to pass between health and care. We’re now asking suppliers of systems in all unscheduled healthcare settings to please work with us to develop their products. 
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Health as an open platform
The objectives of Personalised Health and Care 2020 will only be achieved by all sectors of the health and care system working together. This means that different technology systems need to interoperate and data must be able to flow seamlessly under the appropriate controls. NHS Digital supports the development of Interoperable applications using open standards, open data and open APIs that will help improve care for patients.

At ehi LIVE (31 October 2017) NHS Digital hosted a session with subject matter experts from across health and care on the topic of health as an open platform. To progress the case for open platforms and lay out a blueprint for open platform architecture the Apperta Foundation, with support from NHS Digital, has published the Defining an Open Platform white paper.

The Apperta foundation are now seeking comment on the paper. If you are interested in this area, please get involved and help shape the open future of health and care. 

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First customer connects to Health and Social Care Network
The first customer has connected to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). HSCN allows public and private health and care organisations to work better together to provide improved care for patients. The first organisation to migrate to the Health and Social Care Network was third party digital dictation and clinical records management systems firm Crescendo Systems The migration took place on 19 October and the connection was supplied by MLL Telecom.

HSCN replaces the N3 network and connects organisations through a highly reliable private network and internet. This means organisations will be able to access and exchange patient records and other electronic information.  

Based on market data it's anticipated that there should be a significant cost reduction for like-for-like HSCN connectivity services. To take advantage of these cost savings private sector organisations should get in touch with suppliers to plan their migration to HSCN and
obtain pricing quotes 

We're running a number of HSCN webinars to support procurement and migration register

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National Data Opt-out
Are you up to date on developments regarding the National Data Opt-out Programme? To receive the latest information on developments and find out what you need to do please sign up on our website
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Quick-read business plan
This year’s NHS Digital business plan is now available in a handy, summarised format. The 2017/18 plan sets out how we’re transforming technology and information in 10 key areas of health and care. It also details our plans for delivering the National Information Board's Personalised Health and Care 2020 strategy supported by £4.2 billion government investment over five years. 
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Code change feedback
Tell us what you think about proposed changes to the data codes that identify health and care organisations and practitioners. Our Organisation Data Service (ODS) will be asking for your input starting in December. More details will be published in our ODS bulletin. 
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