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National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit

January 2018
Annual Report 2018
The Annual Report 2018 was published on 14 December and is available on the new NOGCA website.
This year's report includes new chapters on:
  • linking HGD audit data to Hospital Episodes Statistics
  • waiting times for patients from diagnosis to treatment.
The report found significant regional variation in many of its findings, for example:
  • diagnosis following an emergency admission
  • the proportion of patients having planned oncology
  • regimens used for palliative oncology.

The audit asks that trusts use the trust summaries (see below) to review their local results in light of national guidance and national averages.
Trust summaries now downloadable
Trusts are now able to download summaries of their annual report results on the new NOGCA website.
New COP indicator results
The trust level results for the Clinical Outcomes Publication (COP) new process indicators, regarding margins and lymph nodes, are now available on the NOGCA website.

The COP surgical data is available on the AUGIS website and will be published on NHS Choices in January.
Final deadline set
The final submission deadline for submitting new 2016-17 HGD, treatment and pathology records is Friday 16 February 2018.

Just a reminder that existing tumour records can be amended but new tumour records will not be linked to ONS and will not be included in next year's annual report or COP.

It is still worth submitting any missing tumour records because each annual report and COP includes two and three years' worth of data respectively.